Quinze Pontos Na Alma

Lisbon. Beginning of the evening. A day just like the rest. Simone leaves work. She’s late to a party where her husband’s latest Project will be launched. She has twenty minutes to get to Oeiras. As soon as her car arrives at the Duarte Pacheco viaduct, a strange occurrence will change her life forever. A thirty year old man, Guilherme, is ready to jump of to his death. Simone leaves her car, comes closer, and… he mumbles something, then he looks her in the eyes, kisses her, dances with her, and at the end… throws himself. This man becomes more than a newspaper head for Simone. This man is a mystery transforming into an obsession. Slowly Simone starts backing off from her husband, friends and work to follow the track of the dead man, discovering a life oscillating between reality and fantasy. Between dream and frustration. Guilherme’s universe takes over Simone, and she falls in love with him, or with the idea of him. A painful absence that shakes the tranquility of Simone’s monotonous and bourgeois way of life. Simone ends up “infiltrating” Guilherme’s family, pretending to be his girlfriend, lover or even widow. She became a completely different person, rejecting her previous life or simply “waking up”.

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